Wooden playset that nurtures the five senses

- Helping children reach their potential -

Wooden playset that nurtures the five senses

- Kanazawa Ikiya's brachiation for kids -



Sense integration

\ Stimulate the five senses "BreKIDS" /

For brain training at an early age

- Kanazawa Ikiya's brachiation for kids -



Can be used from infants

Can be used as children grow

- Kanazawa Ikiya's brachiation for kids -



The value of "authenticity"

Policy on the use of Kanazawa Ikiya BreKIDS

Kanazawa Ikiya's wooden playset is not just "fun to play with.
It is a place of experience and challenge for children's "mind and body" to grow.
The joy and satisfaction of being praised for a job well done.
The frustration when you can't do it well.
Sometimes it will be painful.
All of this will become "nutrients" for the growth of the children's minds and bodies.
The important thing is for children to "experience" it with their own bodies.

We sincerely hope that our playset will be used with the understanding of parents and guardians who understand that their children's growth will be achieved through challenges such as "thinking for themselves" and "trying things for themselves," and that the accidents that accompany children's challenges are "a great gift for the future". We sincerely hope that parents and guardians will und erstand that the accidents that accompany children's challenges are "a great gift fo r the future.

However, there is absolutely no need to expose children to "unnecessary dangers" that can be prevented with minimal care.
In order to achieve this, it is essential to keep a moderate distance from the children and not to interfere with them too much.

The condition of wooden playset changes daily.
We would appreciate it if you could pay a little attention to the condition of the playset as well as your precious children.

BreKIDS Product Specifications

Main unit sales price (excluding tax) 258,000 yen~

Wood Standard type of SPF material, High quality type made entirely of Japanese cypress.
Size W=approx. 1,450mm D=approx. 760mm H=approx. 1,820mm
Hanging bar Diameter: 30mm (200mm spacing) 6 pcs.
Diameter: 25mm (150mm spacing) 8 pcs.
Diameter: 18mm (150mm spacing) 6 pcs (optional)
Diameter: 12mm (100mm spacing) 7 pcs (optional)
Option Reversible panel (12mm and 18mm diameter)
Climbing board, climbing bar
Cypress floor board removal
Natural log balance beam

Approximate age range for each hanging bar

The load capacity values are a guide during the cloud ladder exercise. If you are simply hanging, the load capacity of each hanging bar will be even greater.

  • Diameter: 12mm, 6 18 months, approx. 40kg
  • Diameter: 18mm, 18 to 36 months, 50kg approx.
  • Diameter: 25mm (2.5 to 5 years old) 70kg
  • Diameter: 30mm, approx. 4 years old 90kg

The load capacity of the hanging bar has been tested by a domestic testing organization. For details, please see the following PDF file.

About Purchase Services

Kanazawa Ikiya offers a purchase service for owners who wish to hand over their Brekids to a second owner. To ensure that your child can use the BreKIDS safely, we will maintain it at Kanazawa Ikiya and pack it correctly for delivery to the second owner.

For healthy growth of mind and body

- Kanazawa Ikiya's brachiation for kids -


About Kanazawa Ikiya



Business Career


We started undertaking custom-built houses under the trade name "Fun House" in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture.


In parallel with Fun House, started contracting for the inner construction of Japanese-style rooms as "Ikiya".


Set up a workshop in Yamato Koriyama City, Nara Prefecture, and began producing natural log averaging tables.
Began production of Woodpractico ( KIMAKURA・KOSHIKIMAKURA) for self-maintenance.


Brachiation Ladder for Kids production begins.


In order to achieve "Kanazawa Ikiya's Playground Equipment for All of Japan! Bringing Japan's craftsmanship to the world!”, we formed a business alliance with Gran Esperanza Inc..
To Kanazawa Ikiya Division.


Moved the workshop to Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture.


Toshihiro Sada

  • From Kanazawa City
  • Graduated from Chukyo University, Faculty of Physical Education
  • Licensed to teach health and physical education
  • Started producing and selling wooden playground equipment as "Kanazawa Ikiya" in 2010.
  • And here he is.
    Father of one son and one daughter


There are some things that can only be conveyed with words.
But there are also things that cannot be conveyed with words.
Kanazawa Ikiya wants you to feel what kind of thoughts are put into the "products" through the "products" of wood.

I want you to feel that someone's love and thought is poured into you.

Toshihiro Sada

- Nurturing children's healthy minds and bodies through wooden playset -


Natural log balance beam

Kanazawa Ikiya produces and sells other wooden products in addition to Bre Kids. For details, please see the Natural l og balance beam page.

"Natural log balance board" to train and stimulate the sole in a fun way



ー Nurturing children's healthy minds and bodies through wooden playset ー



- translated by Loyventory



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